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About Us

True Utility® is a British design company that specialises in stainless steel gifts, gadgets, and key-ring accessories. Creating clever things for key-rings, True Utility provides people with minimalist and practical solutions to everyday problems.

Before There Was a Brand, There Was a Concept

Located in the South West of England, we have a small UK design team led by Lee Berman, who has been designing products for over 20 years in the UK. Each product is developed with a simple philosophy in mind. Make it smaller, more streamlined. And, by all means, able to DO as much as possible. Make sure you're prepared for anything, but not by carrying far too much.

The History

Following a stint in the tourism business, Lee Berman converted a vintage bus into a mobile hostel, fitted with seats that folded into beds and fully equipped with all manner of camping essentials. It was his very own multi-tool on wheels!

But this mobile setup was still too cluttered for his growing minimalist tastes. He parked the bus and set out on foot with only a backpack, eventually dropping that too. Instead he chose to wrap a few essentials like a change of clothes, notebook and pen knife inside a sleeping bag he'd tied to his shoulders. Living light with just the bare essentials.

A combination of this kind of ingenuity and a passion for all things multi-use has led Lee on this path to developing products that, in his own words, "Not only look good but are as small and useful as possible".

True Utility pocket tools are all about freedom and self-sufficiency, making sure you're ready for whatever may come next, while still being able to live light. No wasted space, nothing unnecessary. Strip it all down to the nuts and bolts, giving you more room for the really good bits. Quite simply, True Utility means 'Really Useful'. 

Make sure to keep checking our blog to stay up to date with all the latest True Utility news, competitions and new releases. Click here to view our blog.

Company Information:

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