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Design Process

We have evolved a unique balance of creative design flair, sound technical ability and innovative problem solving that has enabled us to produce award winning results time and time again.

Through our unique process, we provide a pragmatic approach to product development with rapid prototyping and validation integrated into every stage.

We love the design process and it shows in our product development from start to finish.

We believe that the success of a product is judged by the satisfaction that it brings to the user.  To this end we are focused on designing products that meet the needs of the user today and in the future.

We do this by combining creative talent with a hard-headed understanding of marketing, empathy with the end user, and knowledge of engineering and manufacturing. This delivers solutions that are fresh and innovative but also functional and cost effective.

True Utility is committed to delivering designs that do not harm the environment. Much of our work features recycled materials and sustainable technologies


At True, we are very aware of the challenges the global community face with the level of consumerism versus access to limited resources.  Our awareness has developed over the years in what materials are sustainable to our product development in response to what's happening on a global scale.

Each year, we re-evaluate our product development plan based on what resources are available to us, costs and manufacturing ecology to determine how sustainable the life cycle of a product is.

With this in mind, we are always trying to understand and find new manufacturing practices, packaging solutions and minimising the transportation of our goods.  It is full of complexities but by working closely with our designers, manufacturers and logistics manager, each year we are coming up with new operational initiatives that enhance True Utility's sustainability.

Watch The Video Below For A Sneak Peak Into The True Utility Design Process