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True Stories

Hear from real fans about their experiences with True Utility tools...

The Cash Stash is an amazing idea! I bought one about 2 weeks ago and have used it 5 times! Im always going out without my wallet, leaving my money and cards at home - so i used to have to borrow money off mates, unless i was alone then i would have to try and get by without any money. But with this little capsule im never without money!...i just clip £5 or £10 into it and leave....with or without my wallet! This is literally the best idea...EVER!

Sam, Ipswich, UK


My wife got me a SporKnife for Christmas. I use it every day for breakfast here in Afghanistan. I clip it to my body armor for snacks on the go because plastic ware isn't always around. She knows I don't like useless gifts -- so she zeroed in the perfect useful one. Thanks for a great product!

Dominick - Soldier


To the Person that designed the torch I brought very well done. I got my torch about five or six yours ago, eight leds 6” long in its own little amo like box. I live next to a tidal river one night I was looking for something in the river and dropped it in the mud, I had to go to work the day for the week, got back yesterday and fished it out It was still on all but a bit dim it had been under twenty feet of water on and of though 14 tides and in the mud all the time. I cleaned it up put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 50% to dry it out put new batteries in it good as new, the chromes a bit pitted and the wrist straps come unstuck but that still works as well. I love that torch, so very happy thanks for a great product, I'm a bit worried can’t see it on your led flashlight list or anything like it so can’t replies it,should go for years and years by the look of it.

R Rowley.


As a writer I am often struck with an idea wandering around the streets or sitting in a cafe. And as an absent minded writer, this phenomenon often occurs when I have forgotten/lost/misplaced/drained my pen. The telescopic pen has solved that problem. It's tiny. Smaller than my keys. And when extended, it looks snazzy, writes well and feels comfortable in the hand (if a bit thin, but you can't have everything). It comes with three replacement ink cartridges which is a definite plus. I'm just concerned what will happen when I finish all three. I love it. My friends are envious of it. And for the price, it has to be one of the neatest things on True Utility. Keep it up guys.

Nightfell, Bristol, UK


My Aunt sent my whole family one for Christmas and it started off just being a gift that sort of reminded me of when my Uncle gave me and my brother victor borga tapes, I had volume one and he had volume two! Useful! (not) but then stumbling home after a drunken night out I realised getting into my house was so much easier! And it's also good for tormenting people by blinding them a little bit! I've ordered another for my boyfriend because he's forever bothering me for mine! So his is on the way now...

Lucy, Manchester