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True Utility FAQs

Having technical problems with your Lighter? Unsure whether it's legal to carry your pocket tool everyday? Or encountering issues when you try to order an engraved tool? The answers are all here. 

Looking for advice in a specific area? Click on the section below to jump to your question.

General Advice - Delivery, Returns and Warranty Advice - Product Advice

Can't find the solution on this page? You can contact us directly on this number: +44 (0)844 5678 365  

International callers can contact us with this number: +44 (0)1242 698 987 

What is True Utility? 

True Utility is a British design company that creates everyday products that belong in people’s pockets, whether you need to fix something, write something down, see in the dark, trim your nails or simply need somewhere to stash your cash – True Utility has a perfectly practical tool for you. For more details check out our True Utility History page!

Are your knives legal to carry in the UK?

You must be 18 years and over to purchase any of our pocket knives.  Locking knives are illegal to carry in the UK.  All our knives are locking knives. For full information on UK Knife laws, please see our Knife Age Restrictions and Law page.

What is your policy on Returns/Warranties?

All True Utility products carry a 2-year warranty. If you wish to return product due to a fault or defect, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge. For more information please see our Warranties page.

You can return goods you have ordered from us for any reason at any time within 60 days after the day of receipt for a full refund or exchange. Please read all of the terms and conditions on our Returns page.

How do I return a faulty Lighter?

Step 1: Package the Tool Securely

When sending your tool, please ensure that you label the package clearly. We cannot be responsible for products that do not reach us.

The information above does apply to Lighters, however, you must ensure you completely empty the lighter before returning.  This is because, it was brought to our attention that Royal Mail is currently picking lighters and similar items during an x-ray screening and diverting to Royal Mail National Mail Centre Belfast for testing (to check for gas) before final delivery. So if picked up, your return might take longer than usual to arrive here.

Please include: The tool, proof of purchase, reason for return, contact information, your name and return address. Make sure all your correspondence is legible so we can deal with your request as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Address and Postage

True Brands Product Return Unit 2 Branksome Business Park Bourne Valley Rd Poole BH12 1DW United Kingdom

We recommend using a recorded delivery service to best ensure arrival of your parcel. Postage is at your expense and is non refundable.

Step 3: We Replace your Product

Once your product is either repaired, replaced or if product is discontinued, replaced with an item of equal value, we will post it by 1st class Royal Mail or Recorded Delivery (depending on value of item). We will strive to return your product as quickly as possible, please be patient at busy times of the year.

Can I get my product engraved and will it slow down the delivery process?

Yes, most products on our website can be engraved. You can have your tool engraved with one of twelve fonts with a personal message of your choice. Opting for an engraving will not affect the process of the order or delivery. See our Laser Engraving page for more information.

What are the delivery options/what is the cost for international delivery?

We have a number of different delivery options for you to choose from to best suit your order. UK Delivery varies from Standard Delivery (Free for orders over £30) to Guaranteed Next Day for only £6.99. European UPS Standard is from £6.95 and International UPS is from £14.95. For more information please visit our Delivery page.

I bought my True Utility product on Ebay and I want to return it.

Purchases from EBay are not covered under our returns policy as we do not have any Certified EBay Sellers. When buying anything from EBay it is the Seller’s responsibility to either accept returns or sell ‘as is’ and the Buyers responsibility to understand and accept these terms before the purchase. If you have any problems with True Utility products purchased from EBay you must contact the Seller directly.

Could I buy spare/replacement parts for my product?

We do not supply any spare parts for any of our products. If your product is faulty please return it to the place of purchase as per our warranty for repair or replacement free of charge. 

How bright are TU LED Torches?

The brightness of our LED torches is indicated in the form of a 'Lumen' rating, this reveals the maximum amount of light that will be emitted every time the torch is switched on. One lumen is the equivalent to the brightness of one flame of one candle. The torch's lumen output will also define the length of time that the torch batteries will last you. Before buying one it is advisable to have a think about the intended use for the torch, this will give you a clearer idea of what lumen rating torch is actually required for the job.

The other rating you will come across is the 'Watts'. This figure isn't actually as important as the lumens because LED torches do not really consume that much power anyway. Our higher specification Truelite LED torches includes two brightness settings, full output and a lower 30% output. This gives the user more control over the device for different situations. For example, the Tu100 Truelite can be set to two different lumen outputs; each setting varies the duration with which the torch can remain continuously shining:

1) 120 lumens = 240 minutes

2) 40 lumens = 12 hours!

How do I bleed the air from my lighter?

If your lighter fails to ignite, check to see if there is a spark when the lighter mechanism is operated. Make sure that the lighter contains fuel. Make sure all trapped air is released by bleeding. If there is an ignition spark and the lighter does contain fuel, try the following steps. Adjust the flame setting. Depending on the lighter model, this is either done by hand, using the wheel control at the base of the lighter, or using a small screwdriver to turn the setting control at the base.

Begin by turning the flame setting up a little at a time, until the lighter ignites every time. Note that ignition failure can be caused by flame settings that are too high as well as too low.

See Lighter Instructions for more info.

How to care for your True Utility TurboJet Lighter

Your lighter has been stringently factory tested and is supplied without gas. There may be a small residue of gas from the testing process remaining in the lighter. It will however require filling before use.

How to fill/refill your True Utility FireWire technology Windproof lighter:

When flame gets weak and low it usually indicates the gas tank is empty. At this point bleed and refill lighter.

Bleed any trapped air in the tank by holding the lighter upside down and pressing the refill valve at the base using either a ball point pen or a small screwdriver. Continue until the hissing sound stops.

Shake the gas refill canister and make sure it is at room temperature. Insert the correct size nozzle vertically into the refill valve and press firmly for up to 10 seconds. Escaping gas indicates that the tank is now full.

Do not touch the ignition while refilling.

Do not attempt to ignite immediately. The lighter will need to be warmed in the hand for a few minutes to allow the gas to reach room temperature.

If hissing sound is heard – do not ignite, bleed and refill again. Air is still trapped in the tank.

If gas tank is still full and flame is still weak or low, turn up flame height adjuster at base of lighter to achieve desired flame height. Never adjust height while flame is on. Do not force adjustment valve, beyond pre-set maximum and minimum levels.

Do not set the flame too high. Apart from being dangerous to the user, a very high flame may cause the lighter to malfunction. Lighter will not ignite and a hissing sound will be heard. Lower flame immediately.

If flame jumps it usually indicates trapped air in the gas tank. Bleed air and refill lighter.

Operate ignition switch slowly and with care. Misfiring usually occurs with fast ignition or flicking lighter on and off.

For best performance and longevity of your lighter, only use gas marked 'Triple/Double Refined' or 'Near Zero Impurities'. Impurities in gas may cause carbon build-up and clog the burner.

What to do if your lighter fails to ignite after the first refill, even at the highest setting:

If your lighter fails to ignite after the first refill, even at highest setting try the bleed and refill procedure again. Make sure the lighter is at room temperature when you are doing the adjustments. If at maximum setting your True Utility  FireWire technology windproof lighter does not produce a forceful flame (or no flame), then try one last thing:

If you have a model with a flame adjustment screw at the bottom, using a 4mm tip flat head screw driver, turn the adjustment screw 1/8 turn at a time Counter Clock Wise BEYOND the first resistance (maximum) setting. Just apply a gentle force while turning the screw, you can go as far as 1/4 to even 1/2 turn beyond what some people may think is the maximum setting (that is just a safety net set up for summer heat when gas pressure is much higher than the cooler days we normally have in the UK). After each 1/8 turn, try ignition and check flame height until desired setting is reached.


Suitable for adults only, keep away from children.

Ignite lighter away from self, others and flammables.

Beware of flame which may be invisible in bright light. Actual heat length is longer than visible flame

Be sure flame is fully extinguished after use.

True Utility FireWire technology windproof lighters are ideal for ignition and short-duration high intensity heat (1300ºC). If used longer than 15 seconds continuously the tip may become hot and due care should be taken before storage.

Never expose to heat above 50ºC (120ºF) or to prolonged sunlight (eg. car dashboard).

Contains flammable gas under pressure. Never puncture or put in fire.

Care and Maintenance:

For long term reliability of your True Utility FireWire technology windproof lighter it is essential the burner hole – where flame comes out – be kept clean.

Objects should be lit at least 1 inch away from burner hole – i.e.  in the heat of the flame and not in the flame itself.

Do not touch burner hole with the tip of a cigarette or other object. This will cause ash/debris to fall in the lighter and can clog it up.

Keep lighter clean from dust and dirt in pockets.

Should the lighter become clogged up, blow dust and carbon build up from burner hole using compressed air as follows (compressed air can be purchased from office supply or computer/hardware stores):

Place compressed air canister at least 1 inch away from burner hole or damage may occur.

Proceed with 3 short bursts of air. Allow lighter to reach room temperature before igniting.

Battery Information 

What batteries does my product use?




IEC code

Included Y/N












Compact MicroLite   (3 LED)















AngleLite Micro





AngleLite Mini (AAA)







Rechargeable battery included



AngleLite AA





TrueLite®   Mini 0.7W





TrueLite®   Micro 0.5W










AngleHead Torch             







Rechargeable battery included